Flow Cytometry is the measurement of suspension of single cells as they flow one by one and pass laser beams with the resulting light scatter and fluorescence emission detected and analyzed.

Multiple biophysical properties of each individual cell can be measured at rates of thousands of cells per second. Cells are identified by staining with fluorescent dyes that bind directly to specific constituents like DNA, RNA, proteins, ions, or with dyes conjugated to molecules like antibodies, lectins, or hormones.

Cells may also be identified by following fluorescent protein markers after an infection or transfection.
Flow Cytometry can detect and analyze multiple fluorescent staining simultaneously in each individual cell and can report and physically separate them by these qualities.



Hagit Hauschner, PhD– Head of the flow cytometry unit.
Email: hagit.Hauschner@biu.ac.il

Irit Shoval, PhD – Head of the microscopy unit and Imagestream specialist.
Email: irit.shoval@biu.ac.il

Etty Grad, PhD – Microscopy and flow cytometry specialist.
Email: etty.grad@biu.ac.il

Instructors: Anat Raiff and Orli Knop


The service provided incorporates assistance during planning, execution, and analysis of experiments. The emphasis is on teaching the users to become independent.

Types of paid services available

  1. Equipment usage per hour – analysis or sorting
  2. FlowJo software per hours – a software post acquisition analysis.